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Bring Back Deleted Scene from "Just One Bite"!

A long time ago, there was a scene in the SpongeBob episode "Just One Bite" where Squidward sets off a security alarm and causes a gas fire. The reason for this censorship is still unknown, but possible theories include 9/11 and Nickelodeon fearing that children might imitate the stunt. This scene deserves to be back on the air by now. If the reason was for 9/11, Nick can just air the censored version in September. If the reason was that children might try to imitate the stunt, the shot of the lit match can be cut and/or, between explosions, they could add Squidward saying to the viewers, "Please don't play with fire... it really hurts." By signing this petition, you are making SpongeBob viewers across the US happy. You'll probably be happy you signed it, too.

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